Why we do it

It is easy to come across to many people as being wild-eyed fundamentalists when it comes to farming and growing food, but we believe that the facts are in our favor for what we are doing and why we are doing it.

We believe that the era of industrial agriculture is coming to an end. The expense of growing food using energy and equipment-intensive methods is becoming more and more impractical as fuel, supply, and equipment costs rise faster than the money farmers can make.

Further, with the age of the average farmer passing 55 years and the number of people engaged in farming as their primary occupation plunging below 1 percent of the population, we as a nation need farmers more than ever before.

These problems threaten to become the defining crisis of the 21st century, and it is one that will affect each one of us in our pockets and at our dinner tables.

Yet, people still have to eat. We believe the best way to head off a potential food crisis is to return to the ideas that have produced food for people for literally thousands of years: locally produced, sustainably grown, focused on quality instead of quantity, and involving far more people than are currently involved.

To that end, we have dedicated ourselves to returning to the methods of food production that worked before big tractors and big oil, albeit with a modern touch. That’s why we pasture our animals, why our animals don’t get antibiotics or hormones, and why we are working very hard to get to the point where we can grow our own pesticide and herbicide free feeds.

In short, we do it because we want to eat and we want you to be able to eat too.


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