We have three main woodland areas for coppiceworking at Innisfree:

The Upper Orchard

upperorchardThe Upper Orchard was once an orchard with apple, cherry and English walnut trees, but over the years the trees died and it grew up with wild English walnut and mulberry trees and honeysuckle. We plan to using a combination of cutting and coppicing to clear the area to replant fruit trees that we will also coppice as part of pruning them.

The Sumac Stand

sumacThe Sumac Stand is a onetime yard area that we’ve allowed to grow up with staghorn sumac trees that came from a single progenitor. Sumac trees are very aggressive growers and regular cutting back can produce decades worth of 1 to 3 inch diameter, 10 to 15 foot tall staves. We harvest these trees in mid-February to early March just as they start to put out their leaf buds to encourage aggressive new growth.

The Low Pasture

lowpastureThe Low Pasture was a onetime pasture area that regularly floods and so was allowed to grow up with trees. Our first step in this area will be to selectively cut the trees that have already grown here. We plan to use this area to plant willow and locust trees that we will use for various projects.

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