Day 212 – will it work?

Minnie has always had the magical ability to rip her dog tags off of her collar.  I’m just happy I found her license and shots tag before she or the goats completely trampled them into the ground.  ID tag?  Not so lucky – had to get a new one at the local pet store.

What to do about this problem?  We may have found a solution.  Paww, a company in San Francisco, CA, makes (among other things) this cool little zippered pouch.  It has elastic on the back, and fits snugly over the collar we have.  There’s a clip (plastic – we’ll see how durable it is) that you can attach the tags, then stuff everything back into the pouch and zip it up.  The whole pouch looks to be pretty well constructed, although I’m considering removing the zipper pull – we’ll see if she can get the thing unzipped or otherwise mangled.

Very reasonable on price, and shipped quickly.  They have a lot of cool looking products if you have dogs – I’m intrigued by the dog dish that transforms into a frisbee!

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Day 192 – we’re going to time this

The chicken yard has greenery taller than me (5’4″) because the chickens eat what they want and leave the rest to grow.  And boy, has it grown this year with all the rain!

The goats finished eating the yard around the farmhouse and we were discussing where to put them next – options were under the clothesline/in front of the garden, in the area between the garage and the hen coop, or in the chicken yard.  Seeing as it’s not raining, and the hay needs to be mowed/raked/baled, chicken yard it is – it’s already fenced in, and the only modification we needed to do was fence off the 2 little apple trees so they didn’t get eaten down to the trunk.  That got taken care of today, and about 7:30 this evening, we installed Minnie and the goats.  We’ll see if there are still 5 goats and 1 Pyr in there tomorrow morning.

Any guesses on how many days they’ll need to mow it down?