Day 172 – innisfree chicken incubator

172We have 2 new little nuggets running around the farm – they were just born a couple of days ago, thanks to the 2 hens that have been brooding in the “dog” house.  This makes the second batch of chicks born this year on the farm, and the 2 hens are still setting the nest.  I checked a few of the eggs with the ovascope, and they are viable, so in the next 21 days we may have some more little chicks.

I’m very thankful that the hens decided to brood a nest in a dry place that is protected from the elements.  Not fun to have chicks born in the rain or other bad weather – if we don’t know they are there, it can end badly.

But not today.  We have 3 healthy, lively chicks and good mother hens.