Day 197 – green beans

IMG_0316Get out the cannin’ jars, it’s almost green bean pickin’ time!

We have a 4′ x 50′ row of these babies – we planted 4 rows across (or maybe 5?) and close planted the beans to keep the weeds down during the season.  It worked and now we have a 4’x50′ solid mass of bush beans coming on.

I hope the hot weather is still supposed to break over the weekend – it’s going to be hot in the kitchen.


Day 176 – fresh from the garden


I wasn’t expecting much from the peas this year, but first harvest wasn’t too bad.  Enough to make some egg and pea salad (hard boiled eggs, peas, salt/pepper, mayo – you can add cheese and bacon as well) for lunch.

Peas are deceptive – it looks like you’re going to get an entire giant bowl full when you’re looking at the peas still in the pod.  I had already shelled about 1/4 of the total when I took this picture, and it may have been enough for one serving!