Day 174 – resting

Running a farm is working at breakneck speed, slowing down, then back to breakneck.  “Medium speed” doesn’t happen very often.

This past week was week 1 of hay.  Get out the equipment, go to the farm service store to buy needed supplies, perform routine maintenance on the tractor and equipment, mow grass down, rake into windrows, discover that you don’t have the proper tools to complete a critical fluid change on the baler, go to Menard’s to purchase said tools, have a plumbing mini-disaster, finish maintenance, bale hay.  Still have to move it to the barn, but that’s for another day.

Add in 4 farmer’s markets, gardens, daily chores, and other commitments, and it’s a long week.  Depending on what else may be going on, it can turn into 10+ straight days of work.  That takes a toll on body and mind.

Today we knew we had to move the goats to their new section of grass, and the animals need their daily care, but that’s it.  We’re taking the day off.  The most effort I’m exerting today is hanging laundry on the clothesline to dry.  No weeding, no tractor work, no washing dishes.  I’m reading, watching some baseball, and sitting in front of the fan.

Not even a picture for today.  We’re resting.