Day 305 – big wind

A nice sized storm system rolled through the area last night, bringing some serious wind and rain, which (surprise, surprise) knocked our power out for the evening. After checking the animals, we thought a line had been knocked down by some falling branches, and reported as such to the DP&L power outage hotline.

No one slept well last night, half listening for the repair truck (not that we actually expected it to come until this morning!) and wondering about the imagined damage to buildings and such around the farm. Well, at least I was wondering about that!

Morning arrives, power is still out, so we begin assessing the damage. No line is down, so we figure a fuse popped. Buildings – fine. Critters – fine (it appears that there was a calf born sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning – silly momma cows). Trees – laying across the driveway. Yikes!

Out comes the chainsaw to cut a path (you can see how big this “branch” is) and a rake to remove smaller debris. We’ll chip the branches later on.

These are the branches that we think caused all the problems – they came from pretty high up and we think they bounced the power lines together and blew the fuse.

DP&L arrives as we are sawing away – problem resolved, and we have power. No damage to foods in the fridge/freezers. Huzzah!


Day 193 – Hibiscus syriacus

IMG_0308Also known as Rose of Sharon, Rose Mallow, or St. Joseph’s Rod, and it’s the national flower of South Korea.  It’s native of much of Asia, and you can brew the leaves as a tisane (that’s a tea that doesn’t have any tea leaves in it) and eat the flowers.  I didn’t know any of that, but now that I know, I may just do that!

Just another of the pretty things we have growing around the farm – and now it’s useful too.  Added bonus!