Back to work

After several weeks of illness, we are (mostly) back in the saddle, just in time for the warm weather!

Lots of things start happening in the spring – clearing bits of tree that have fallen off over the winter, chainsawing scrub trees and bushes that are in the way (especially in the way of where my new herb garden will be!), planning the garden and making sure to have the seeds we need, gearing up for the summer market season, brushing the Pyrs (they have a *very* thick winter coat to shed out), and continuing work on cleaning up inside buildings. It’s a lot of work, but the warmth and sunshine really do make it more tolerable.

It truly seems that we’ve had more flooding over the last year – this is from our latest flood in early April. The river has gone down to a more normal level, but the ground is so saturated that we still have large “ponds” in the low fields. Thankful that it didn’t get higher than what you see here!

2014-04-04 14.00.33

Day 142 – peony

142Besides lilacs, peonies are my favorite flower.  There are 2 rows of peonies on the farm, and one row always blooms before the other.  Most of them are just starting to open, but this and a couple of others were wide open.

Spring is great – the smell of fruit blossoms, then lilacs, then the honeysuckle and peonies.  What’s blooming where you live?


Day 87 – a good thing

IMG_9971IMG_9970This is a happy thing to see, one that we’ve only seen a few days this year (so far) – cows out in the pasture and not clustered around the hay wagon.

They make their rounds of the pasture to find any new grass, lay around for a bit, then go off again to see if anything grew while they were resting.  After that, a trip to the hay wagon, then into the barn to see if it’s time for some oats.

No, the cow in the top picture isn’t dead – they like to sprawl out on their sides to catch some sun.  Flips me out every time, especially since we have some old girls in the herd!


Day 85 – looking down

2013-03-26 18.51.15The snow is almost gone from the craziness that was Sunday and Monday.  Our maple trees are full of new buds and don’t seem to have been too bothered by the low temperatures and snow/ice.

This little stem was in the cow pasture – I take Minnie out there every few days to try and run the wiggles out of her (it doesn’t work!).  She run around sniffing at everything, and I see what there is to be seen.  It’s fresh air and some exercise – good for all of us.