Winter markets 2015

We are pleased to be part of two new markets this winter season!

Troy Night Market: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 4-7pm at the Troy Rec (runs October-May)

Winter market at Crossroads Christian Fellowship in Tipp City: Saturdays from 10-2pm (runs November 7, 14, 21, 28 and December 5, 19)  They also have a cafe for you to get some good lunch while you’re there!

We will have our custom roasted coffees, several varieties of sprouts, pottery, and handicrafts – choose to support local producers!


100% whole grain

We have wanted to transition to using flour that we grind ourselves, and I just recently used the last of the King Arthur flour, so have been searching for recipes that use 100% whole grain flour. So far, we’ve been happy with the buttermilk biscuits and hamburger buns. I have recipes lined up for pita, tortillas, bread, pizza crust, and bagels – will report on those as they happen.

The thing I’ve noticed is that once the dough is mixed, it needs to rest (anywhere from 2 hours to overnight – the recipe will specify). This allows the moisture to soak into the grain, and you end up with a lighter end product. This means you need to plan a bit more, but the end product is worth it!