Almost ready for the bees

2014-04-27 08.09.33


Took a few hours on Saturday afternoon to get the beehives painted. I’ll be picking up the bee packages on the 30th, and everything needs to be ready to go by then! I’m going to put one more layer of paint (there are 2 on in this picture) today – there will be a need at some point to touch up or re-paint them, but I’d rather have it done before there are happy little bees living inside!

After the last coat of paint, the next step is to re-assemble the hives in their new home in the chicken yard. That may sound a little strange, but it really is a good location! There are 3 fruit trees that are less than 10 feet away, and water is close by. The chicken house is a good distance away, and very few of the hens hang around the chicken yard anyway – there are too many other good places to roam on the farm.

I’ll put the hives up on cinder blocks to keep them off the ground – damp is not good for the wood or the bees, and it will give good circulation on all sides of the hive.

Here goes with another “farm experiment” – and hoping we’ll get some good honey out of it as well!

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