Back to work

After several weeks of illness, we are (mostly) back in the saddle, just in time for the warm weather!

Lots of things start happening in the spring – clearing bits of tree that have fallen off over the winter, chainsawing scrub trees and bushes that are in the way (especially in the way of where my new herb garden will be!), planning the garden and making sure to have the seeds we need, gearing up for the summer market season, brushing the Pyrs (they have a *very* thick winter coat to shed out), and continuing work on cleaning up inside buildings. It’s a lot of work, but the warmth and sunshine really do make it more tolerable.

It truly seems that we’ve had more flooding over the last year – this is from our latest flood in early April. The river has gone down to a more normal level, but the ground is so saturated that we still have large “ponds” in the low fields. Thankful that it didn’t get higher than what you see here!

2014-04-04 14.00.33

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