Food and medicine

This is the year of the gardens for food and medicine. I’ve rough-planned out the vegetable garden to take advantage of companion planting, and we’ll be breaking ground on the new herb garden. It’s going to be a hard-working spring. And summer, and fall. And I’m sure there will plenty of weeds (there always are), so if you just can’t find anything to do, you can always come help pull weeds. It’s hot, dirty, unending work, but the rewards are delicious.

“Let Your Food Be Your Medicine; and Your Medicine be Your Food” – Hippocrates

Smart guy, that Hippocrates.


Fennel, Greek and Roman Chamomile, Chervil, Lady’s bedstraw, Mulberry, Elderberry, Lemon balm, Lemon mint, Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, Greek oregano, Tansy, Lavender,and more. And these are just the trays of herbs I’m starting. The veggies will be started soon.

Training the new kid

Minnie and Malachi had their first real “together time” this afternoon. It was interesting to watch Minnie “training” Malachi on how to act like a Pyr. As you can see, there’s lots of rolling around, paws waving, mouths open, but the only uncertain moment (for me) was when Malachi grabbed Minnie’s ear a little too hard, and Minnie put him on his back in about 2 seconds. She stood over him and growled – he yipped and went into the submissive pose. And it was over. I guess I’m still the pack leader – Minnie looked at me to make sure she wasn’t in trouble for her response.

As unexpected as Lucy’s arrival was, I’m glad she came – it was a good indication of how Minnie would respond to new dogs on the farm. With both Lucy and Malachi, her reaction went through stages, starting with “are you kidding me?” and moving to “ok, let’s wrestle!”

Plus, Minnie had a good teacher when she was a pup – my mom’s Golden Retriever, Buddy. He had no problem with flipping her on her back when she grabbed his ear too hard. Once she grew bigger than he was, it was a different story, but the training stuck. Now Minnie has her apprentice to train in the ways of the force.

Working with fabric

IMG_0464Thanks to my friend Diana, I now have a reason to use my treadle sewing machine for something besides mending clothes and making dog toys! She introduced me to In the Patch Designs, owned by my new friend Phyllis. If you love wool and fabric, this is the place to go in Troy OH. Phyllis hand dyes all of her wools and they are fabulous. She also has fabrics (like the ones you see here), patterns, notions…there’s a lot in this little shop.

I picked up a stack of 5×5 squares and have been playing around with making coasters – you’ll be seeing them at the farmer’s markets this year.