A new bundle of fur

2014-02-20 13.46.30This slightly blurry little fellow is Malachi, our new Great Pyrenees puppy. He’s 9 weeks old, likes eating and to be petted, and doesn’t like to sit still for pictures.

Soon, he’ll be joining Minnie as a livestock guardian dog, but he’ll be spending some time getting used to our farm and the critters first.

He comes to us from our friend Jason at Kraut Creek Farm, near Greenville. Malachi has 3 siblings available if you’re in need of a Great Pyrenees. And they are all as cute as he is, trust me!


021314 – half a goat

Have no fear, there really is a whole goat in the picture. The front half of Skittles (and Rocket behind her) happens to be inside the bale. Funny thing happens in winter – things freeze! So the goats eat the hay bale from the center to the edge, in hopes of avoiding the frozen outside layers. They end up with a hay donut, and happily stand inside the bale to get at the hay.

Yes, it will collapse at some point, but it’s not heavy enough to do any damage to the goats if they are standing as Skittles and Rocket are demonstrating. They’ll just paw through the remains, looking for something not frozen, and start baa-ing their displeasure at having to work for their food. Trust me, they are in no danger of starvation, if their potbellies are any indication.


020514 – dem bones

Two happy pups – we brought home quite a few bags of “meaty bones” from Copey’s butcher for the dogs to enjoy. Minnie took hers and promptly went to the far end of the enclosure – away from me and the goats – to enjoy hers. Lucy looked at me like she wasn’t sure if it was really for her, then dug in.

And for a few minutes, there was quiet.2014-01-31 17.35.58 2014-01-31 17.39.19