Day 365 – not even close to the end

I didn’t get 365 pictures/posts for the year. Boo. But that won’t stop me from continuing the chronicle of Innisfree into 2014 (and hopefully beyond!).

It’s been quite a year, with many starts and stops, transitions and falling down, to get back up again. We have new projects to plan, current projects to refine, things to keep, things to change, and things to plain old stop doing.

Many thanks to all of you who supported our efforts, bought our products, provided feedback and ideas, talked us up to friends and family, visited us at our markets & on the farm, prayed us through the good times & bad, and helped us in all the ways you could.

Stay with us for 2014 – you help small farms survive and thrive.

Happy New Year from all of us at Innisfree on the Stillwater,

3 humans / 5 dogs / 4 goats / 10+ cats / 20+ cows / many chickens / 2 horses / 1 mule


Day 356 – how high’s the water, papa?

It’s been a while, I guess! Farm life just keeps going along – moving hay bales for the cows and the goats to eat, forking loose hay to the horses, gathering eggs (wherever they may be!), planning for the coming spring (seeds for the garden, new critters for the farm, living quarters for said new critters). We also completed the “big move” – only (haha) 100 feet apart, but I think that actually made it more of a job, because it wasn’t pack-everything-and-throw-it-in-the-moving-truck-to-go-to-the-new-house, but a few trips here and a few trips there. Finally, in the words of a dear friend, we put the cat in with the cactus, and just got it finished. Well, at least we have all of our stuff in the house and all Mom’s stuff at her house. If you’ve ever moved, you know that the unpacking and such may be even more stressful than the box moving. But it’s done.

On to yesterday and this morning. It rained, and rained. It stopped for a bit, then rained some more. End result? Same as it ever was – the river came to visit!

The critters are all well, if a bit damp.