Day 210 – the next generation

After spending the afternoon picking and canning green beans and some dill pickles, I had the pleasure of spending the evening with the teen-aged daughter of a friend.  She’s turning 16 this year, and her mom wanted her to spend some time with some ladies who could be considered, well, good role models for her.  Not sure how I got on that short list, which includes the commander of WPAFB!

We had an enjoyable supper at TGI Fridays and simply talked about her plans for the future, what I wished I had known/done at her age, how it’s ok to not know what you want to do (I mean seriously, you’re asking a 16 year old what she wants to do with the *rest of her life*???  Silliness, in my opinion), how it’s ok to change your mind on what you want to do.

She’s a good kid – smart, funny, adventurous, not afraid to “go it alone”, and I’m glad I was able to spend that time with her.  Too many kids don’t have anyone looking out for them and wanting them to explore and find out about who they are and what they want to do.2013-07-29 20.38.53This was the sunset Monday evening.


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