Day 212 – will it work?

Minnie has always had the magical ability to rip her dog tags off of her collar.  I’m just happy I found her license and shots tag before she or the goats completely trampled them into the ground.  ID tag?  Not so lucky – had to get a new one at the local pet store.

What to do about this problem?  We may have found a solution.  Paww, a company in San Francisco, CA, makes (among other things) this cool little zippered pouch.  It has elastic on the back, and fits snugly over the collar we have.  There’s a clip (plastic – we’ll see how durable it is) that you can attach the tags, then stuff everything back into the pouch and zip it up.  The whole pouch looks to be pretty well constructed, although I’m considering removing the zipper pull – we’ll see if she can get the thing unzipped or otherwise mangled.

Very reasonable on price, and shipped quickly.  They have a lot of cool looking products if you have dogs – I’m intrigued by the dog dish that transforms into a frisbee!

2013-07-30 16.42.10 2013-07-30 16.41.46

Day 210 – the next generation

After spending the afternoon picking and canning green beans and some dill pickles, I had the pleasure of spending the evening with the teen-aged daughter of a friend.  She’s turning 16 this year, and her mom wanted her to spend some time with some ladies who could be considered, well, good role models for her.  Not sure how I got on that short list, which includes the commander of WPAFB!

We had an enjoyable supper at TGI Fridays and simply talked about her plans for the future, what I wished I had known/done at her age, how it’s ok to not know what you want to do (I mean seriously, you’re asking a 16 year old what she wants to do with the *rest of her life*???  Silliness, in my opinion), how it’s ok to change your mind on what you want to do.

She’s a good kid – smart, funny, adventurous, not afraid to “go it alone”, and I’m glad I was able to spend that time with her.  Too many kids don’t have anyone looking out for them and wanting them to explore and find out about who they are and what they want to do.2013-07-29 20.38.53This was the sunset Monday evening.


Day 209 – happy birthday

2013-07-28 14.42.48Spent the day with the Hitzeman family to celebrate the matriarch’s birthday!  We even got her name on the jumbo-tron!  Unfortunately she was in line for food when her name came up!

Enjoyed the Dayton Dragons baseball game (complete with come-from-behind win), then supper and chatting at the sister-in-law’s house.  The evening was dampened by a ridiculous headache (probably from sitting in the sun for 3 hours and drinking a beer), but headache drugs and lots of water took the edge off.

Day 206 – leather britches



New experiment – leather britches! Also known as dried green beans, leather britches are made by stringing fresh green beans on a thread, then hanging them on the porch to dry.  You can also put them on a sheet in the sun – there seem to be many ways to effectively dry them.  They can then be rehydrated and used in soups or as a side dish, or eaten dry,

Day 205 – looking like fall

IMG_0327There are a couple of things “wrong” with this picture:

1.  It’s before 8:00 am and the cows/horses are out in the pasture – they’ve been in the barn every morning for the last month or so, and

2.  This morning sky is not a summer morning sky.

We heard cicadas for the first time earlier this month, and it’s said that the frost is about 6 weeks away from that date, which would put our first frost around mid-August.  A lot of people pooh-pooh folk wisdom, but it’s been right too much for me to discount it all.  And I figure it got passed through the years for a reason – things that aren’t true don’t tend to be shared for very long after they’re proven wrong.


Day 204 – moving the goats

IMG_0325We decided to go ahead and move the goats today – not that they didn’t have more green stuff to eat in the chicken yard, but that the rest of the yards are quite ready to be eaten down.

There were a lot of big, stalky weeds in the chicken yard, so it’s not as clean as I was hoping, but I’ll at least be able to get the wheelbarrow through to the compost pile and finish cleaning out the hen house.

So that made 12 days for them in the chicken yard.  Pretty incredible, I think.

Day 203 – sister’s night out

2013-07-22 19.00.26Worked (in the drizzle) this morning to get the new area for the goats set up – not finished yet, but they can last a while longer in the chicken yard.  Although to hear them tell it, they will be falling over d-e-a-d within the hour if they don’t get some fresh grass.  All this while their mouths are bulging with grass.

Spent the evening at the Dayton Dragons game with my sister(-in-law) Rebekah.  We demolished 2 hot dogs each, split a chicken fingers & fries, and finished it up with a bag of kettle corn.

And the Dragons won 10-9 – it was a fun evening.


Day 202 – cali

IMG_0336Meet Cali – one of our “just showed up one morning” barn cats.  Usually she’s hiding from the 5 kittens and is up on one of the barn rafters, but I finally got a picture of her.  She’s pretty friendly – except when the kittens are around.

One of the things about living on a farm is that “free animals” show up every now and again.  We’re between town and the river, so animals wander off, get lost or get dumped.  The last one really gets me going, especially when it’s a kitten (sometimes they’ve been way too young to be away from their momma).  If you don’t want baby animals, spay/neuter your adult animal.  There are low-cost clinics all over, and you’ll save yourself a chewing out if I find out who you are.  Especially those that dump their animals in the winter.  Seriously?  sheesh

/end rant

Of course we take them in and care for them – hence the “free animals” in quote marks, because everyone with animals knows that there is no such thing!